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"There are 133 million births each year, or 247 births every minute, or four babies born every second."

133 million babies are born per year, of whom only 4 million are born in the USA and 8.1 per cent of low birth weight. It is approximately 320,000 newborn infants per year. Taking care of the diet of such neonates is particularly important. It is very important to monitor the intake of food whether breastfeeding, artificial milk feeding or a combination of both. Of course every newborn child learns to eat. Sucking reflex develops in the uterus as one of the basic reflexes of a newborn child. Nevertheless not always and not every newborn can take breastmilk properly and in sufficient quantity.

Introduction to the topic


A newborn needs to eat regularly and in sufficient quantity for its growth and development. Neonates are fed either with natural or with artificial milk, then with different side dishes. When fed with artificial milk, it is easy to see how much the newborn drank (subtraction of the scale on the bottle). Breastfeeding is more difficult to keep watch. The solution is weighing a newborn before and after breastfeeding.

Anyone who has experienced the process of childbirth will certainly agree with me that every little thing that makes life easier is precious. Due to this I think as a man who has experienced it that the application BABYTIME together with its accessories will be beneficial to all expectant mothers. It will also be appreciated by doctors who oversee the proper growth of a newborn if they have accurate information about food intake, bowel movement and other information of a newborn (e.g. body temperature).

Principle of the application BABYTIME


Application BABYTIME consists of four functional groups. The first group contains the procedure in artificial feeding, the second group contains the procedure in breastfeeding. The third group consists of additional features such as taking temperature, writing on bowel movement, baby´s height and photo creation or making a fast note. All these functions are related and interlock. Of all recorded data the application creates a timeline which constitutes the fourth group. Baby´s growth will be recorded there. When the data are recorded in the correct time sequence a doctor can easily make about the growth of a newborn. Alternatively he can adjust the quantity of side dish and the method of childcare.


In artificial feeding you simply subtract from a bottle the volume of ingested milk.



When breastfeeding, it is necessary to weigh the baby before eating, feed him and then reweigh. From the weight difference you logically obtain the volume of milk your baby drank and then you calculate the volume of milk ingested.



Additional functions of the application are used to refine the growth of the newborn. Record of bowel movements is also the evidence of the baby´s health. A healthy newborn has regular bowel movements. At raised temperature of a newborn the indication of the progress of temperature is as important for the doctor as its height. Measurement of dimensions of a newborn such as his height, head and chest circumference is quite common in medical examinations because it reflects the newborn´s growth. The application provides the creation of notes, for example, the response to drug use or note writing in creation of a specific photo.




  1. Place for advertisement (the content of the advertisement will appear by age of a child as an inspiration so called targeted advertising, full version will be deactivated)
  2. Names
  3. Feeding: Artificial nutrition
  4. Bowel movement
  5. Photo creation
  6. Graphical representation of measured values
  7. Feeding: Breastfeeding
  8. Taking the temperature of a baby
  9. Note
  10. Setting



On the above video the main idea of the application is expressed. The principle lies in measuring and subtraction of values and consequently you will write them into the application. The application evaluates the values and writes them in a diagram. Designed devices such as thermometer and baby scales cooperate with the application The measured value is automatically sent to the application that processes it. Such facilitation is welcome especially in stressful situations. Imagine that the newborn gets temperature and you need to take it under stress, apply appropriate medicine to temperature and after some time take the temperature again. At such a moment any facilitation is welcome. Babies need to be taken the temperature but you do not have to think about whether you wrote it to the application. It is done automatically or alternatively based on the temperature findings (or during taking the temperature) the application tells you how to proceed with the temperature taken. Possibly it warns you to high temperature and will rather recommend you call the ambulance. Such assistance is welcome and helps not to succumb panic.



Breastfeeding is still the only way to find out the amount of milk drunk. It is weighing before and after breastfeeding. Therefore to simplify the whole process I have suggested baby scales which will cooperate with the application. Automatic synchronisation ensures that all data will be recorded and processed correctly. It is important to write down all the measured data in time in order to compile a timing diagram. The timing diagram then clearly shows us daily intake of milk. Of course with the combined feeding (breastfeeding and complementary artificial milk) the application is automatically able to evaluate these values and then correctly write down in the timing diagram.


THERMOMETER (0 – 6 months)

Taking temperature of an infant is one of the factors that indicate his health. For example, after vaccination, temperature is regularly measured every hour to determine the response to vaccination. The course of the temperature should be recorded. Cooperation of a thermometer and the application automatically generates the course of temperature.


THERMOMETER (6 months and more)

A non – contact thermometer gained popularity among many people for its speed and practicality. Simply attach to the forehead and within 3 seconds you measure the temperature.



As someone who has a year-old child, I can responsibly say that if I had had such a device at the birth of my child, I would have had fewer problems. For example, I wrote data on newborn weight before and after feeding on the first piece of paper that I found. When I had a little time, I had to add, subtract or to write hard in Excel. Being stressed I lost the piece of paper with the data or entered incorrect values. As a result I had different values and nonsense that I could not use. Repeated measurement was impossible and due to it I lost an important figure. I would only have written it in the application and the rest would have been done automatically. The application would also make a clear diagram on food intake and excretion.

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I would automatically save my time for relaxation. When seeing a doctor, I would be satisfied with having everything written clearly. He would probably praise me. According to the timing diagram I could be able to specify appropriate dosage increases of side dish of a newborn.


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